I just got off the phone with a lady whose husband unfortunately passed away – They were married for 63 years and of course the family is all there… and he had a heart condition at the end of his life – and her daughter suddenly gets up and says I have to go check on “Jonah” – pretty much runs into her bedroom and sees the two year old about to swallow a pill but she takes it out of his mouth – turns out two Miracles – the first is that she heard a voice telling her to check on the child – and the second is that had she not come literally that second – this child was put into hospital to watch as it was a powerful drug and his life God forbid could have been lost – so there are three lessons to the story in my humble opinion, because you could ask, why should the problem occur in the first place?? and why should a miracle occur to stop the problem? AND this is the nature of reality – is that on one hand we go through life, on the other hand we are given messages, and most most importantly, if we listen to those messages – we shall save everyone’s life

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