What if there was a single principle that encompassed all the principles – and let us just use one example for a moment – if I told you that there was a fundamental similarity between all living things – you may say is there really a comparison between a bacteria a frog and me?? and the list of comparisons are astronomical – from the first, that they all seek life – to the say oxygen – intake / output – but most importantly the very fundamental mechanism of their existence is based on DNA – so in other words there is a Higher Power that created the very basic building block structure or structural mechanism by which every single living thing, bar none, exist – now the same principle can be applied to all matter – in other words it’s all based on atoms – themselves that contain very similar principles – and the reason I say this because there’s a fundamental principal to all of life – and in fact to all processes – which is called Ratzu Vshuv – in other words nothing but nothing exists – everything is created – and fundamentally there are two types of creation – those that like respiration are simply repeating the same process to maintain the same existence – and those that are Divine Souls that are going through varied and sometimes difficult experiences so at the end of each process a deeper wisdom / human, humankind emerges

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