The philosophy of truth, the true philosophy, the philosophy that is the truth, and the truth that explains everything is a. we do not exist b. we are a collection of cells, imbued with a consciousness, this collection born as a baby, forming its primary identity by two, its conscious thoughts about five, six… subconsciously assumes that a. it is real b. it is (hopefully) great c. to be healthy we must have parents that give us safety, as well as boundaries (otherwise like a maladjusted spoiled child, we always think we are entitled) d. as we traverse reality – if we are fortunate enough to be born into a safe civilization with prosperity (which eliminates the horrific evil of jealousy – the desire to rid others of possessions we want, but don’t have) then we begin to seek truth (namely after we realize our stupid lusts are just that ) and then the light dance shines within, hence beams, radiates, and as the light – the Divine – is infinite, the dance too.

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