If you want to know what’s true – you must know what’s infinite -there are only five things that are infinite – the first which is really beyond Infinity – it creates Infinity, it creates the finite – it can merge the two – it can do anything – is the Divine II is the choice of the Divine, and effectively His choice was to create a universe which is a time space dimension in which we can’t see Him and our primary reality is our own conception of it, and our belief that our perceptions are real, and that we too are an independent existence – which allows a person the freedom to either like an idiot, as Einstein said, “two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I have my doubt about the former…” follow the herd – that we’ve seen throughout human history – that the vast majority of people, like a charging herd, jump off the cliff to their own demise – or like the great saints, and special people, such as Abraham – and it’s so much easier, as we have great role models to follow – to begin to analyze if there is a Creator, and then the infinite ultimate goal of the Creator – which is the continuous inspiration from Beyond – which happens in multiple mechanisms from the Divine communication, to understanding the Divine hints, always allowing us freedom to continuously grow and give, and be inspired

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