the 10 facts that never have – never will change!~

1 We are subjected to time (space)

2. The nature of time is shifts (experiences, feelings, insight)

3. Change is disconcerting (we like consistency – stability.)

4. The only consistent, stabile(izing) force that unites the disparate facts (shifts) WE ARE ON A MISSION (and all these shifts are either part of what we need to fulfil our mission! in direct or indirect… namely what we are called to do, or help shape us.)

5. Just as you can’t get to your destination if your car doesn’t work – you need to have a healthy mind and body.

6. The healthy mind is one which is happy (and the healthy body of-course depends very much a. on a healthy mind (stress reduces our immune system…) b. on healthy food, and c. good exercise (2.5 hours of elevating heart weekly, and ideally daily half hour or fifteen minute walk.)

7. The reason G-d made you (and me) is because a. He loves us, (as such) b. He wishes we choose to make our lives meaningful c. Which is done by goodness and kindness d. Primarily which is offering people spiritual insight (so they can likewise.)

8. It goes without saying, if you delve into distractions – social media – negativity… (news… God-forbid… anger, resentment, hate – even worse jealousy (“it’s not fair!…” – this is eliminated by continuously thanking God! – especially first thing in the morning, as the first thought becomes the train of thoughts!…) you will not be happy – of-course the terrible worst situation would be an addiction to any stimuli (if you are continuously doing it… your addicted! STOP – see my book “Overcoming Addiction” – you have the ability to tell yourself what to do if you seriously desire – you can even shout at yourself – the body like a little dog gets a fright.)

9. Additionally we must know that life is a forward progression – soon we will see G-d in the messianic era!

10 “It is not upon you to fix the world, neither may you stop trying.”

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