It is my great privilege and honor to translate a letter that the Rebbe says is the fundamental mechanism to have inner-tranquility which of course we all both desire and perhaps desperately need

“In reply to your letter in which you write that you suffer from a lack of inner peace and your soul feels at pain etc.

It is explained in many places in the Torah, that these feelings come about due to the Yetzer Hara.

In other words, they are not part of your inner makeup.

They are coming from an outside negative source.

As such, it is self-understood, that a person can get rid of these feelings completely, totally, and utterly.

Though to be fair, not every individual and not every circumstance is equal.

As such, the correct approach, and the universal principle in this matter is – to deeply contemplate that each and every one of us is a part of a group, and their environment / social structure.

It is self-understood that a person must not only be a receiver from their environment, but furthermore they must be an influencer.

More precisely, it is appropriate that mainly a person should be an influencer; And a receiver from time to time.

As the main makeup of an individual is their soul, and their inner sense – and not their body and their material possessions – therefore it is self-understood, that likewise, the main influence that a person must have on others, is to spiritually uplift them and the environment, through permeating and integrating it, with the spirit of our Torah, The Living Torah, which simultaneously is the highest spirituality one can achieve – and it also gives life to the physical and the material possessions that one has – even regarding the smallest details and finesse of a persons’ physicality. This is similar to the story of our sages that is well known… the punchline being, that the Torah was given specifically to those who have a Yetzer Hara… who went down to the most debased of countries Egypt… and the Torah was given to them, and not to Angels.

And because this is the main purpose of a person on this world – it is understood that anybody can be successful in this – if he puts in the prerequisite effort – as long as he is not lazy and doesn’t give up when he finds the going tough – and if he succeeds not 100% the first time, he once again perseveres a second and a third, and in the end success is guaranteed.

If you deeply believe that this is your mission, which you can succeed in fulfilling – you will open great horizons of extraordinary sublime successes.

And then you’re personal Nachas, (inner-satisfaction from self) will manifest, when you see that such a great spiritual endeavor has succeeded.

Furthermore this will add in deep spiritual raison d’etre, meaning and sense – also in each of your family members – as well as yourself (or in all of your details.)

For specifically, when you all work together (and all parts of you are working for the same purpose) your success in fulfilling your primary life mission – and seeing it’s manifestation through the dominance of the spirit over the material, the spiritual over the physical, the soul over the body, the Divine part in you overall physicality around you – will be sensed.

One can speak at length regarding all of this – and go into great detail – for each environment is unique and each person has their unique talents, as well as their unique education etc.

However all of the above is a fundamental truth, which applies to each and every single person.

It is my hope, that somebody of your stature, such words though short, will find their way into your heart, and manifest into action – as appropriate for the environment that you are in, your personality etc. and I await to hear good news.

With blessings


the most important wisdom Bar None is what the Holy Shala”h teaches us – that When God says in the Torah “See I have placed before you a blessing and a curse – life and death choose life! the blessing is if you will listen to me…” it is not that God, God-forbid is a narcissist and because you listen to Him, therefore He’ll throw you a bone… rather imagine somebody makes a video game and he says to you: See, choose the blessing and life