Besht 47. One time he commented on the verse, it says “Seek God when he is close, call to him when he is near” explanation is that today in exile it is easier to be answered in prayers – to achieve the Divine Spirit even more than in the times of the Beis Hamikdash – this is an example of a King – now when he is in his throne it is very difficult to approach him – as opposed to when he is on his way, anybody can approach him – even a commoner that is not normally able to come and speak to him – so today in Golus when a person thinks about his nearness to God, then God is with him – therefore it is appropriate for a person to distance themselves from desires, Machashavous Zarois / bad thoughts, in order that God should not be separate from him – but you should do all things for the sake of God – this is the saying of sages “stay away from a bad neighbor” – in other words, stay away from the bad that dwells in you.

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