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2. Once there was a King who would go to paupers and distribute money and see how they’re doing – and one would always say, “whatever someone does, he does for himself” – this angered the King very much – he felt him to be ungrateful – so he gave him a chicken with poison inside- and once again the man said, “whatever someone does he does for himself” – turns out he decided to hold the chicken for a bit and the King’s son was on a hunting trip, and he got lost, and he was tired and he made his way to this poor man’s home who wished to give him some of this chicken but the people with him said let us first have it tasted – and it turned out that it had poison – so they took him to the King, and he told the King that “You were the one who gave me this chicken” the King said “it is true – whatever one does, one does to themselves.”

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