The way the good Lord made the world… and if we just understand this – the world will be as beautiful as its intent – was / is that each and every one of us – perhaps each and every specie itself, is both unique – it is beloved – it loves – and ultimately we feel that our existence is meaningful by utilizing the unique gift that we have – which obviously as a Jew is to Shine The Light Of God – as a male, it is to be a good husband and father and as the male attribute, is a Giver – the female, to be a Good Wife and mother, as the female attribute is to be a nurturer – and for Gentiles to be a good person – to establish civility, law and order – and then all of God’s beautiful – absolutely stunning creations – instead of God-forbid feeling jealous… that you are somehow better than me… we realize, that without you, there is no me / we

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