When you have an understanding that encompasses every facet of reality – though of course there are infinite details, so it’s impossible for a human mind to understand – heck even to understand the DNA in our own body.., but be that as it may, the bottom line is, there is an all-encompassing truth: which I’ll first say it in a sophisticated way, and then say it in a simple way, as Kabbalah teaches us – God created four spiritual, and one physical universe, and a universe is a time-space dimension in which Souls, which are combinations of body and soul, intelligence and emotions, in some type of container, which has abilities, such as thought speech and action – and the ultimate goal of this entire production is because God is All-loving and All-identifying, which means, He sees you as He sees Himself! With respect and dignity! and trust! and the conviction! that you can rise beyond your animal instincts and shine Your Essence 🌟 which effectively means, connect so deeply to your soul / God, that that becomes your GPS

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