Few wonder, for they think they know – there are those who know what they have been taught… – there are those who know that what they have been taught, isn’t true – like the bumper sticker I saw, “Amazing how an entire Internet, and no truth!” – Then there are those who have discovered that in every generation God sends a Moses, whose imbued with extraordinary talent and wisdom and courage – as well as versed in all of the total of the past knowledge, and in the peoples and the mentalities – as well as a great Prophet – and the way this universe functions – is that amazingly human beings have the capacity, unlike any other creature on our planet – not only to have instinctive drives for pleasure and not pain – based on instinctive drives, but also human beings, having a remarkable capacity to be able to be curious about facts… and therefore the way facts work, are just like in science, the more we discover… current reality replaces the previous thinking… – so whereas the word Atom comes from the Latin of the smallest indivisible particles – we now know that atoms themselves are made up of quarks – and the quarks themselves are made up of smaller parts – in other words – where we speak about God, and we speak about the purpose for which this world was created – for the most science can tell us is about the physical, not about the spirit, the spiritual, and the PURPOSE – which are these revelations that came through these great Mosess’ – and in our time, the Lubavithcer Rebbe, all effectively boil down to three facts: which is number 1 God, as Einstein properly deduced is love – no that doesn’t mean any kind of some kind of nebulous force – it means He exists, but His very essential nature is unconditional, uncompromising, unsophisticated, absolute LOVE – and this drive is what caused Him to create those He loves, and that’s why this world affords us, as, any parent who loves their child would, both free-choice and then the series of experiences, that will lead us to infinite positive discovery/ies

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