Your Political Ideological Options

Your Political Ideological Options
WokeIf your black, you take everything for nothingIf your white, you may live as long as you are here to provide for blacks and taxesAnd of-course we support those who seek the destruction of America (like Iran, Islamic radical (terrorists) and other white majority countries)

  Fundamental psychology: weak – hence fearful,  hence acquiescing

Fundamental result: self annihilation – allowing terrorism, radicals – anti-American – Jew’s, power
Conservative (America)Believe in freedom from tyrannyBelieve in law and orderBelieve in hard work
 Believe in education both moral and for a jobBelieve in the righteousness of AmericaBelieve In Both Israel, Jews (usually) God and Revelation

  Fundamental Premise:
The hard lessons

 (America was founded by people who had to escape religious persecution)

 It was founded by people with faith in God – and Biblical values – they also saw themselves as sort of coming to a promised land, echoing the ancient Jews.

Fundamental Result:
Safety, Prosperity
TerroristThey believe that Islam – as is correct (according to Islam) must dominate – and the means to this end is terrorThey See the west as the satan – the essence of evil (they call Israel the little satan – as any land previously owned by Islam must be “redeemed”Fundamental Premise:
The Quran

Fundamental Result:
Either they will be annihilated or as their current version is just to murder, they will – Furthermore as is known, there is a division between Shite and Sunni the former (based in Iran) believe “when the word will be filled with blood, up to a horse’s knee, that the Messiah will come “
“Normal Islam”Though 80% of clerics are radical (according t0 us… but really Islam itself demands radicalism – there was no better example of evil – terrorism… then Mohamaed (an Imam told me, he was involved in 4 wars! every year of his 30 year reign! Beheading, raping, taking sex slaves, in the most gruesome mechanism) However many Muslims are very good people a. not knowing the quran (as they are told to read it only if they understand Arabic) and there are basic Judaic (such as charity, law and order etc.) ideasNormal Muslims do believe in democracy (there is a very good pew poll outlining the radicals vs. normal –  country by countryFundamental Premise:
Islam is a good (and my…) faith  

Fundamental Result: Generally very good people (though their children – as they come both from Islam, as well as often the aimlessness of the west) are easily radicalized (hence home born terrorism
JewsThere is a wide gamut  

Einstein said, all Jews share in common a respect for both social justice, as well as education
Unless woke brainwashed – Pro-IsraelGenerally very compassionate – kind-hearted, both to Jewish and Gentile people/organizations

Fundamental Premise:
After two thousand years of abuse, and four thousand years of Divinity, well, compassion – education – self-reliance – having a homeland is good

Fundamental Result:

Divinity – Goodness and Kindness

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