5 The Baal Shem Tov’s living will, is that a person should be sincere in their service of God – and the main thing is not to forget this – and mainly to learn everyday something in Chassidus, whether it is a little or a lot – to continuously attach oneself to good character-traits – and not to leave any day from doing a good deed – whether it is small or big and the prooftext of this is what it says, “be careful in a Mitzvah, small or big” – and the explanation of the word “careful” – so “zahir” / careful comes from the word “to shine” – in other words, one’s soul will shine from a small one like a big one – because the main thing to God is a sincere heart. 6. This is a great thing for then one knows that you have accomplished something this day – you have created an Angel, and we know that if you have an Angel you have an advocate in heaven – and the prooftext of this is the verse “a person who protects a Mitzva knows no evil” this means, when a person accepts upon themselves to, like a soldier, stand on watch from morning to evening – perhaps God will send them a Mitzva – someone to help.