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10 New Baal Shem Tovs’

Parshas Pinchos

1.  We know that the main thing is to connect to the essence – for in the essence there is integration – we know there is the emotion of kindness, but if it is not integrated with judgment – a person can end up giving to evil – conversely even a person who is judging, should not be doing to God-forbid harm, but to help.

Note 1. The great principle is that the giver is in the state of giving, the receiver in the state of din (constriction) for example a male (giver) can impregnate repeaditly, but the female once one child is growing… – if you are pouring from a bucket to the cup, the cup is limited – one must see to it, that when one gives, it is balanced (to not give to evil…) and likewise, when one must be strict (it is also balanced for the benefit, and not God-forbid cruelty.)

Note 5. A person who combines two people is called peace (for peace is combination.)

3. The Tzaddik of the generation can elevate everyone’s speech and actions.

 5. When someone learn Torah not for the sake of God, but when they later learn it for the sake… – it elevates the previous. – Additionally the Tzaddik of the generation can elevate everyone.

7. The Kabbalah teaches us, that “everything is rectified through wisdom.”

The meaning behind this is, that first and foremost it is only through wisdom and analyzation that a person can see the difference between good and evil.

Second of all, if a person has a thought, for example a desire for money, they can elevate the source of this desire which is love, into the love of God – and therefore when you elevate something to its source – the negative aspect falls away… the same thing can be about lust.

It is well-known that anything that a man despises, that causes that element to fall off.

Now it sometimes happens that a righteous person is feeling low, and when we are feeling low, we don’t appreciate our own value – and because we don’t appreciate our own value, we don’t appreciate the value of our prayers and our Divine service – and that’s why Tzaddikim would often boast… because it would cause them to have a greater self-esteem.

This is why we find, that the sages praised Rabbi Shimoin Bar Yochai very greatly… because he was the greatest Tzaddik, he had to descend very low, to elevate all the low thoughts and speech of men – and therefore the sages praising him, gave him a greater self-confidence, which allowed him to elevate himself.

Note 10. There was such a story with the Baal Shem Tov (not sure why… ED.) that something caused him to feel low, until one of his students stood before him with great reverence and said, “Our Master And Teacher.”

Another story of the Baal Shem Tov who was mercilessly persecuted by the Erev Rav (fake scholars…) that he once had such a dispirit… that he was capable of losing his holiness, until from Heaven he was inspired.


2. The reason our sages instituted (or Kabbalah… ) to say Lisheim Yichud before a Mitzvah is for every Mitzvah elevates all parts of the soul – now the kelipa derive (or try to) energy, from speech – so by saying Lisheim Yichud we counteract. Note 3 From the nothing (between infinite and finite) emanates existence.

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