10 spiritual reasons why committing suicide is only the beginning of death – you see we are in a test – I heard a story from my grandmother that there was a lady who had horrible terrible childbirth pain, and it was so bad, even though she was religious, she wanted to have an abortion – which is almost as rare as someone thinking of jumping to the moon – and each time she wrote the Rebbe – he said to keep the child. Eventually the child was born and it was dead and she asked the Rebbe “what was the cause?” and he said “that this soul had to rectify something, but nobody was ever able to handle the pain during the pregnancy.” So our souls go to heaven – based on the good that we did is how high. Conversely based on the bad that we do 5 things will occur – either we will go to hell – what’s the suffering there? if you can imagine a lifetime of every misery is not even like one minute – or even worse we don’t get into hell – we’re chased around earth by malicious Angels – perhaps even worse, we are incarnated into a rock, plant – a torturous existence for the soul – which just like you are, seeks expression but it’s trapped – so the bottom line is – that no matter how bad things are – the one choice that every human being always has is “what would God want me to do?” For when God takes you… and your choices were moral… – than you can be assured of a beautiful heaven.

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