Every single person is a composite of the following 10 facts and it goes like this – number one as we see with little children who are the purest form of a human being – we are idealistic – we are compassionate – we are also narcissistic – now to the extent that we have been humbled, which is what the two year old realizes after throwing tantrums… he can’t get his way… so that’s when we begin to become open and furthermore dependent – now the fact of the matter is, because we also have pride – we also have shame… we don’t want to be dependents… which is a good thing… because we want to be independent…. however if at any stage… when you then come to believe that “we are the creators of our own success..!” or if we get praised…. ironically if we get shamed…. because this can create a need to feel protected… which creates an ego… which is false grandiosity to protect ourselves…. and then we become narcissists… believing that we’re truly the best…! And then we become jealous of others… this is how tyranny – which is simply a pathological maliciousness to control others – because it will be something that will make them sad… and conversely make my ego happy… and ultimately the fact of the matter is, as all of human history shows these people either meet an ignoble end in their life or they are basically as it says “their name rots” – however in the times that we are in, which is right before Moshiach – the key thing is to stick to the Divine

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