The only thing that makes you and I greater than an animal is not intelligence – ironically bees do mathematical equations better than supercomputers z it is the ability to tell ourselves what to do/not

Just as a car must have both fire and an intelligent driver – you have to have a soul-expiration for God – but then you have to equally see yourself like a piece of dust – we are nothing… and then the Divine and the dust become one

I want you to join me on a very important mission!! – we need to have only positive energy in our world! and if we all talk – as the great holy Ramban advised his son “low and slow….” we will have humility – which leads to all positive qualities

if you wish to know the nature of any group you have to know what they’re passionate about and here is the list:

Non radical Islam – The Five Islamic Tenets Radical Islam – The fundamist view of the Koran (so in addition to the five pillars – jihad – treating women as second class) Progressives – perverted sex – hating believers/right Conservatives – Judeo-Cristian values (morality decency) liberty

The most important human quality which is what the great battle of light and darkness is over is what we calling Yiddesh Eidelkeit – you can call it refinement, sensitivity, compassion, propriety versus the opposite

Based on the Rambam the only three things you need to be healthy 1. Be calm (distress – anger is a poison- it elevates blood pressure and minimizes the immune system!) 2 excerisize (just as if you don’t tune up your car…. – when we use our muscles sickly cells die and healthy ones are born]) 3. Don’t overeat ]- and if I can add, don’t eat sugar (as much of possible any refined food – and make sure you have a good intake of fiber