The facts that will never change are first of all – To the extent that we are feeling safe is the extent that we can think – To the extent that we DESIRE a certain logic…which is motivated sometimes subconsciously or consciously… like the search for the truth… – just like when you use your computer… you find what you’re looking for… – God who is infinite, is in charge of every single moment of time and space and all matter – which constantly comes from Him- is obviously hiding Himself – in fact, He cannot have a form – for if He would, He would be limited, and couldn’t create – but because He’s unlimited, He can also communicate – Because He made us from love, He wishes to guide us – and if you just seek His guidance – which comes at all times, and in fact sometimes in a voice – You can ask God, and the first thought subsequent is His reply – And last but not least – on a general process there is an obvious basic common-sense to what is prudent and what is destructive – and most importantly, the Bible the Torah and its commentaries have given us the very very wonderful well thought-through, 100% tried-and-tested – guidelines