Generally speaking if you understand this, you understand everything- and that is that at all times there are five realities 1st which we know best, because we sense it with our five physical senses is the physical world II which we understand a little better, because we feel it, is our emotions – and we realize that everything that has a body, has a soul – so just like we are sensitive, and feel love / fear, God-forbid anger, when we feel something is unjustified… there are many other emotions… Everyone and everything else that has a soul, feels this too! – The third is the spiritual reality which is that God has created right and wrong, good and evil – He has come to us at Mount Sinai and given us directions for what is good and what is evil – And the fourth is related to a personal experience, in which you sense, as 64% of the world the presence of God – which can be both as Einstein would call it, a universal Consciousness, like a feeling of all being one – but even more importantly a literal GPS – And finally and this is where all the realities of the world culminate, is that whatever is, whether you, and your emotions, and intellect, and the messages – are all related to growth and giving, that God Hints

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