New Quotes – From The Rebbe – Adam Harishoin

Adam HarishoinFully FormedAdam and Chava were created at age 20.
 PeekingThe sin of Adam was he peered into the location of Kelipos (arrogance) and this caused the sin.
 ProbingGod’s question “where are you” inspires Teshuva.
 GreatnessHe was greater then the Arizal The Rashbi and the Baal Shem Tov.
 KnowledgeHe understood the source of every Creation – which is how he could “Divine” their Hebrew name.
 FireOn Motzai Shabbos (Sat. evening) he took two rocks and hit them together and it caused a spark.
 SinHis sin was he ate the Tree of knowledge before Shabbos (when the prohibition existed.)
 SinHe sinned in the three “capital offenses” and his sin was rectified through the Avos (forefathers.)
 TestThe entire command/test of not eating from the tree of knowledge was for 3 hours!
 Adam / AvodahHis Avodah (Divine service) was that he got all Creations to acknowledge (bow before) God.
 KelipahThrough His sin, the Kelipah managed to get energy.
 KiruvEven after he sinned God left him in Gan Eden the whole Shabbos – this teaches us to always bring people closer.
 Adam/ChavaAdam and Chava are similar to Torah Shebiksav and Torah Shebal Peh (the written and oral Torah.)
 GREATNESSIn Divrei Hayomim Adam is spelled with a big Alef indicating a greatness he has even over Moses.
 EternalAs He is a “handiwork of God” he is everlasting and He lives in each of us.
 TestWe find even Adam who was so great couldn’t help himself and transgressed the word of God – proving it is an awesome test.
 PunishmentHe was only punished after 930 years.
 GreatestHe was the greatest of creation and in him, all of creation is included.
 Gan EdenAfter he sinned he couldn’t reman in Gan Eden.
 InfluenceHe brought all of creation to humility (to God.)
 CompletionAfter Adam was made, the completion of creation occurred.
 InfiniteEvery Jew has the potential of Adam to peer from one end of the world to the other (perhaps time as well.)
 KingdomOn the sixth day of creation He declared “God is garbed in kingship” – the Kingdom of God.
 BirthWhen he was born – all creations above and below shook.
 God’s pleasureHe was placed in the Garden of Eden to work it and protect – to add in God’s pleasure.
 MissionEvery person is similar to Adam – in our mission (to brighten the world.)
 ElevationAdam was made Erev Shabos / before Shabbos – so he and the entire creation could come into the Shabbos, and everything would be elevated
 GreatnessHe was great enough that through him the Torah should be given.
 Yetzer HaraThe reason that though he had but one Mitzvah he lapsed – for whatever is most important, the Yetzer Hara places most of his effort.
 ShabbosHe was created before Shabbos – to cause in the world Shabbos.
 SoulsAll souls in him are included – and likewise in every soul a part of his soul.
 CompositeHe was a composite of above and below. 
 PreparedAll creations were for him a prepartiuon..
 EmpoweredEvery month of Tishrei, every Jew is empowered.
 InfluenceBefore he sinned, while he served God in Gan Eden, through this he influenced the world.
 King DavidHe lived 930 years – 70 less then 1,000 because he gave 70 to King David.
 WorkThe reason man was made before Shabbos and not on – for the point of man is to do Divine service.
 TeshuvaThe reason he sinned to pave a way for Teshuva
 ElevatingThe reason man is made from a physical body is through elevating oneself one elevate a;l four categories of earth vegetation animal man.
 AvodahHis service is in the level of Taanug – Shabbos – pleasure.
 To Serve And ProtectHe service was to “Serve and Protect.”
 TeshuvaThrough his repentance the curse, “the day you eat it you shall die” was delayed.
 Rosh HashanaEvery Rosh Hashana, we are reborn.
 BirthdayRosh Hashana is all of our birthdays.
 PerceptionHe was able to gives names to all the animals, as he could perceive their spriitual source.
 ResponsibilityHe was created a single person on the planet to teach us – each and every person has the entire responsibility – though today (relative to his job) it is harder.
 Tree Of KnowledgeThe goal of the tree of knowledge is to elevate the world through Avodah (effort.)
 Influence He effected the entire creation, as he had everyone crown God as king.
 CreationHe was either created in Gan Eden or on Mount Moriah.
 ForefathersThe difference between Adam Haroshoin and the forefathers – external versus internal.
 TorahHe learned Torah while he was in Gan Eden.
 Rosh HashanahAdam was created Rosh Hashanah and every Rosh Hashana a renewed reality relative to his birth is renewed.
 UniquenessIn contrast to all creation that were created both with their body ad soul – he first was created from the earth and then God breathed within his nostrils the breath of life.
 HeightHe was 100 Amah tall.
 SinHe was banished form Gan Eden as it cannot tolerate a sin.
 TorahHe not only studied Torah in Gan Eden but most importantly the inner Torah (Chassidus/Kabbalah.)
 Baal TeshuvaWhen he was first created he was on the level of a Tzaddik – then he got to the higher level of Baal Teshuva.
 ChallengeThough he was a Divine creation he couldn’t withstand a 3 hour challenge…
 ReadyHe was created at the end so the world for him should be prepared.