Rebbe Rashab Mamer

Just as an infinite God – so for example if someone has talents in mathematics and geometry – the fact that they could write you wouldn’t praise them – anything that you can think that is a praise of God, is nothing.

Another infinite example of God – is just like a thought or an idea is a single concept and yet the expression must go through letters – which are many….

Fundamental difference between emotions and intelligence is whereas the former is about “what is in it for me” the latter is about looking at a reality objectively – now even if you think, say…. “exercise is in my interest” – it is not the ego saying “this will make me feel good…” rather saying “this is a good idea.”

Now when an intellectual emotions’ say “the greatness of God” becomes emotional – it goes from the intelligence of the Mind Into the Heart – it now becomes personalized… so now it is… “as this can be of benefit to me.”

There is an amorphous State between the intelligence and emotions – by which the idea can transform – like the metamorphosis of the caterpillar to butterfly… into an emotion.

If a person is involved in physical desires this blocks that their spiritual intellectual comprehension should transform into an emotion.

Prayer, particularly saying the words out loud, and concentrating and heartfelt song – they evoke the emotion.

All elevation, from one spiritual level to the next – happens through song.

Pharaoh representing arrogance blocks spiritual contemplation from penetrating our hearts – and the antidote to this is the study of Torah.

WHEN we study Torah- the words literally contain names of God which allow His Divinity to penetrate us.

There is another level for Infinite Godliness to penetrate – and that is when we desire it.

When we reach this level, all evil ceases.

Just touches the Transcendent core of God.


What makes a human different to an animal which – is why the comparison to being a mammal is absolutely stupid and sick -and only humans have a prefrontal brain – we all have three brains – which is the right, which is imaginative – a left which is cognitive and also relates to anxiety – the more information, the more likely the negative occurrence… and then we have a prefrontal – which is unique to the human and that is the ability to critically examine – as well as to change Behavior based on the examination