As is obvious and now more than ever there are multiple ideas and desires playing on you- and the only way you are in charge of your game, is, if you can figure out which matter – and which not only don’t, but are counterproductive

What makes a human different to an animal which – is why the comparison to being a mammal is absolutely stupid and sick -and only humans have a prefrontal brain – we all have three brains – which is the right, which is imaginative – a left which is cognitive and also relates to anxiety – the more information, the more likely the negative occurrence… and then we have a prefrontal – which is unique to the human and that is the ability to critically examine – as well as to change Behavior based on the examination

I think few of us properly appreciate that the singular massive innovation of Abraham and of Judaism – which permeated the world, perhaps mainly through the agency of Christianity and Islam, is that, you are responsible