Quotes from the Rebbe Rashab

The difference between spiritual wisdom and scientific is the former contains humility.

Scientific wisdom is in fact Kelipah.

The difference between the intellect of The Godly soul, and the Animal is, whereas the former is mainly intelligence, the animal, which is mainly emotional and emotions are fundamentally self-interest.

Intellect of the animal soul is mainly self-serving.

The intellect of the Godly soul, being much more pure intellect, is always concerned with that which is beyond.

The Godly soul has emotions, but those emotions are mainly concerned about God.

If the Eye were given permission to see, it would see how everything in reality, is Godly.

Furthermore it would see and realize how like the sunlight is subsumed within the solar orb, the physical is nothing but spiritual.

Ultimate goal is when we are able to take wisdom of the secular sciences, and use them for Spiritual purposes.

This is why spiritual wisdom is called wisdom – for it is truth – whereas scientific wisdom devoid of spirituality is foolishness – because it is focusing on a fact – which is dependent on another reality, for its very existence.

Specifically by using scientific wisdom for Divine purposes, we reveal the greatest Divinity.

When Moshiach comes, we will see Godliness.

Through admitting the greatness of God we invite God in.

We need to understand what is so bad about Amalek?

As opposed to spiritual sensitivity, where when we understand the grandeur of God, this creates a sense of reverence – Amalek causes, that our heart should be dull like a stone.

The Godly soul’s desire is to be connected to God, whereas the animal soul’s desire is to be connected to whatever will give it instinctual gratification.

To the extent that we have a flaming fire in our heart for God – is the extent that the animal soul’s stupid assertion, that one can be indulgent, and yet remain a good Jew – shall cease.

The way we arouse this fire, which at all times is at least hidden in our heart – is through making a sincere effort to concentrate on the words and the meaning of our prayers.

We find when a person indulges (say addiction) they simply can lose their thinking mind.

If one can lose their common-sense how much more so their Godly sense.

To the extent that the passion of our heart is Godly, is the extent that it is not so addictive.

The whole goal of prayer is not only to make the Divine soul happy, but actually to convince the animal soul where it’s passion should be.

When ones passion isn’t spiritual, they begin to make small allowances which eventually has them ending up completely narcissistic and debased.     

When a person once in awhile wakes up, and realizes how debased they have become – they will then have deep remorse, which will allow the Divinity to begin anew.

However the evil of Amalek is to try to prevent a person’s heart from allowing the knowledge and grandeur God – to actually turn into an emotional passion.

In other words, it’s not that this person does not understand the greatness of God – but the understanding does not lead to an emotional attraction.

One of the ways Amalek accomplishes this, is he places doubts, that cool the  passion.

There are seven negative emotions.

Though the negative desire, say lust, of-course is bad – nonetheless, the desire to receive is not bad – for it can be redirected to receiving Godliness.

However Amalek, which is pure evil, for its entire intention is nothing but to restrict Divinity, must be completely annihilated.

The way we destroy Amelek is through constantly being conscious of God.

Additionally we must be always be ready to battle this evil.

Additionally (and supplementary) we must be passionate about doing action (for when it comes to contemplation, Amalek, as mentioned, has the power to block the effect.)
Every Jew has in his soul, the depth of commitment and oneness of God, which is Amalek’s antidote.