From The Maggid – Overcoming Lust


The first fruit of your land you should bring to the house of God, your Lord.

A person has three times in his years.

The younger years when he has lust – the middle years, that his lust is not as strong, and the years of old age that he has no lust.

The reason for this is, that as we know, there are three partners in the creation of a man – The mother and father and God.

And this is the secret why a man has lust for a woman, for he has a part of the mother in him and a woman has a lust for a man, for she has a part of the father in her.

This why in the early year he has lust for women, as this comes from the mother part – the next stage, not as much… as this comes from the father part – and in the final years, he has no lust, for this comes from the God part.

As such, the fact that a person separates oneself from lust, at the older years, is not such a great accomplishment.

However if one overcomes lust in the earlier years, this is great.

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