The most important thing that we can teach our young people is that there are primarily five possibilities which include practically every single ideology – the first is that this whole world is a random mistake – the second is that there is a God – the third is, that this God revealed Himself to the Jewish people, which is believed by the majority of the world – God expects us to behave ethically and we are promised a reward whether in this or the next lifetime – or perhaps even for our children – so every good deed creates a reward and every evil can be erased through repentance, which either means giving back to the person you stole from – getting their forgiveness – or if it was ignoring God, getting closer to God – The most dominant reality is the idea that there is another version to the Jewish story that is in Christianity… that is in Islam. And finally based on Jewish mysticism, life ultimately is about growth and loving-kindness – and as God is infinite (beyond any possible limitation) firstly to enable our growth He gives us free choice between meaningful and meaningless pursuits – but when we start looking for deeper meaning – the reality around us continually can offer deep spiritual lessons and finally when you see someone in need – that is your mission.

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