Quotes From The Holy Maagid

Parshas Boi


The verse states “in order that I shall send my miracles” – the word for “miracles” is the same as “letters” – for God wished to collect the sparks (Nitzoitzois from Egypt) what are these sparks – all the foolish speech…– for what is the difference between Torah letters or foolish (as they are both letters.) Hence the last three plagues were to add more stories in the Torah which would elevate (as is known the secret of collecting the sparks is using the langue of the land for holy purposes ED.)


Entire creation is like a father descending to play with his little child – for the real reason why God created the world was for the holy Jews.  


As the eagle hovers above her chicks – for she wishes not to crush them with her force – therefore she fluctuates between her giving and receding – so too this world has from God.


Whenever you do a mitzvah, you cause a great joy above and think not “who am I to cause a joy to God?”

You must try to connect your Mitzvah to the realm of Divine pleasure where there was no concealment – Shevira and if this causes you arrogance – remember it is only from God that you have the power to do this.

It is very important to arouse your sense of pleasure so you can connect to Divine pleasure.

If at times this sense of pleasure goes into negative things – study Torah and this will slaughter your Yetzer Hara.


When God made the miracles against Egypt He revealed both His pleasure in defeating evil and saving good – and yet there is even a higher pleasure – which is that the same punishment to the Egyptians, also caused healing from the Mila to the Jews – which is an even higher love – for this is a concealed love.


There is male and female – male refers to giver – female refers to receiver – for example when God made the world – He only made man and his wife – and from them the world came out – so that means, that the first couple is considered the Male regarding the rest of the world – and they’re regarding on the level of female relative to them – because they receive from them – this is the level of soul – the same thing applies to the level of world – and time – for from them, and the subsequent days are considered the female – for they receive from them – for example, every Sunday receives from the first day of creation – every Monday from the 2nd and so on – the same thing applies in the festivals – for example, the festival of Pesach, who is the feminine relative to the first Pesach when the Jews left Egypt – so also each festival is the female to the festival of Pesach (which is the male to all festivals.) And when we celebrate them, it is revealed the light that was revealed the first time. This is why the Jewish people have the power to create the festival day – for all is created through speech – specifically through wisdom is the month established. – This is why it’s a mitzvah to speak about the going out of Egypt, for that manifests its light!


As a parent takes tremendous delight in their child – so too God takes in the Jewish people.  



Whoever protects their Bris they receive the ability to split the sea.


It was the tremendous love that God felt for the Jewish people – that is the force that brings all into existence.

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