All of Judaism is summed up with ten principles

1 this world offers a choice between kind and cruel behavior

2 a human being is a composite of a kind Divine soul and spirit – an instinctive emotional heart – and the sadistic arrogant and anger, vengeance, prone ego

3 in order for the former to dominate the latter – one must contemplate the two – and decide which you wish to integrate

4 as fear is the path to the dark side – therefore to overcome fear you must have absolute trust

5 to gain trust, you must consistently every morning thank God for your blessings – if you’re a man pray the three daily prayers – for only when your mind is filled with positive God experience/s  will you

6 love and unity – in fact love is to create unity – is the sole goal

7 all of Judaism is eternally valid

8 in every generation, God sends a Moses who is head and shoulders beyond the people – and is in fact the source of their soul – to guide, inspire, enlighten, pray for, and try to assist them

9 whatever we do, good or evil, like a conductor conducting a Symphony, causes both cosmic and certainly personal reverberations – as it says “the reward for a mitzvah is a mitzvah”

10 last but not least – to live in joy, you must have hope – knowledge that we are about to enter into the completely utopiastic messianic redemption

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