the ten things worth believing – as is obvious we are transitional – but transitional isn’t bad… – for every transition we go through, every stage of life – even death – is actually a step forward – to a higher consciousness and a better heart – number two if we are transitional it means there is a Being who is beyond all transition, who made all transitions; number three if there is such a being, therefore it means that each and everyone of us a. is unconditionally loved – for you focus on whom you love, b. has a unique role, c. we are complementary – therefore number four – if we can perceive why we matter, which is a. we fulfill His love, b. we have a unique role, c. many sounds make music, many flowers make a garden – we will feel, well meaningful – number five, to overcome fear you need to have faith – number six, faith is not something you know, faith is something you believe – number seven, if there is anything that contradicts your faith, you must believe it is only a challenge – number eight, when you draw upon your intrinsic desire to beat challenges – an innate drive – you will! and last but not least: Don’t be a jerk! don’t demean anyone! – as you don’t want anyone to demean you – even if they did it first !

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