The Ten Guaranteed steps to 😊

1. The first step to Happiness is to not be unhappy

If you look at the media – studies show you will induce yourself anxiety and anxiety is the number one reason for depression.


As is obvious, according to Maslow’s hierarchy there are basic needs that we need to have – such as food and shelter, a sense of safety and a positive self-image – and I would include, emotional sense of safety – that we don’t fear criticism.


Assuming that you have your basic needs met – we need to deal with emotional safety which is both your self-image and self-safety from fear of criticism which are intricately linked – If you are aware that you are a Divine soul temporarily inhabiting a body, for the sole reason to obey God, there is nothing that can shake you.


It is impossible to be happy if you don’t think.


There are three things you need to do to think – because a lot of time must be devoted to acting – the first thing is when you wake up in the morning you have to think about your 10 greatest blessings – if you’re Jewish you need to say the daily Jewish prayers, and also every morning and evening study the Torah.


Obviously loving others is the greatest joy, and even though you may have been insulted in the past which causes sometimes a disassociation from the cause of your fear / abuse, none the less, you have to begin to understand that the nature of every human – including yourself is love – and the only reason some people are hate – is because they are jealous of that love which they have lost.


If you’re goal in life is money / status, you can never have enough – what your goal in life should be is to give and it is never enough… and that is a perpetually positive cycle.


It’s also important to have hope, the greatest hope that we have is as God has promised and has already begun to fulfill – that the Jewish people will return to their Homeland – that the Moshiach that will straighten out the world for good, will soon come.


Goes without saying that if you follow the Divine Commandments, the 613 for a Jew – and a 7 for a Gentile, you will feel great joy and stability.


Last but not least you need to exercise.

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