When we look at life from the perspective of roles – just as a tree will never be a human and a human will never be a tree – and so when we understand the roles that our conductor conducted – for each of us is a tune in the symphony – quite simply speaking, every generation has a Moses – who sees all the past, the present, and future – in ours it is of course the Lubavitcher Rebbe who has told us the simple facts of life, which is as a Jew we must be Jews – as a Gentile, they must do seven noahide laws – all of us have to continuously grow, and increase in our goodness and kindness – await the coming of the Moshiach- and finally because the Messianic Redemption is upon us – the Shechina, the Divine spirit of God, the ultimate unification of man and God, the purpose of all of Creation – The Divine voice that talks to you – you should adhere to, for in it – you will continuously upgrade

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