The 10 most important things in life is first of all a stable government that is not under the influence of some kind of stupid ideology like communism – for the role of government first and foremost is to keep the people safe – the second is knowing why you exist which is to do the will of your Creator – the third is to have a source of income – the 4th is too get married – the 5th is to have children – the 6th is to follow the Torah and the Mitzvos for it is the only sense of sanity, stability, reliability and inspiration – 7th is to realize God seeks to always upgrade you personally, and give you important spiritual tasks, usually related to assisting others, either spiritually or physically – the 8th is don’t think that you can look at pornography and the media and advertisements that are made to suck you into their abyss or their idealism of something that you should purchase… and not get affected – for these are people that study deeply the human psyche and know exactly how to trap you – and the more sophisticated their information about you is – which today it is almost all – the better they are at, in a single instant sucking your soul – and the 9th is know that every generation has a Moshiach ready to redeem us and if you work hard He will arrive and the 10th is that the Rebbe, the Moshiach of our generation has told us that Moshiach is about to come and therefore live in hope and joy!! and last but not least is forgive, forgo, forget and don’t be Faribled (hold resentment)

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