I don’t know about your self-image but I do know this, that the greater the respect we give another – and the way we perceive the way they respect us – is the way we respect ourselves… – so if it’s any consolation, in fact it should be a major! that in the eyes of God, and all the Rebbes and Holy Tzaddikim there is not single thing you can do, that won’t make them, continuously have a high level of unconditional love for you


Seven Ways to Light up the World

[G‑d] made the Menorah out of pure gold. Exodus 37:17

The Candelabrum, the source of light in the Tabernacle, signified insight and enlightenment. The sudden and elusive flash of insight and illumination in the mind is similar to a bolt of lightning flashing across a dark sky.

Every Divine soul is a source of Divine illumination. It is in this sense that the soul is metaphorically termed “the lamp of G‑d.” The seven lamps of the Candelabrum signify the seven basic types of Jewish souls. Each type has its particular path in revealing Divinity, based on the seven basic emotions: (1) the love of G‑d, (2) the awe of G‑d, (3) connecting to G‑d through studying the Torah, (4) overcoming obstacles opposing G‑dliness in the world, (5) appreciating G‑d’s goodness, (6) the pride in being G‑d’s emissary in the world, and (7) humility.1