Left – Right – Middle – What Do You Think

LeftMiddle – What do you thinkRight
If only the government controlled everything – free (for everyone.) Big Govt. means that you lose your liberty – and you can’t spend money you don’t have forever.
Everyone can (of course not encouraging traditional roles…) any sexual “identity.” God wants marriage – marriage is good for  you – and btw if you don’t have kids (as is happening in Europe) you die out.
Israel usurps the rights of the true people of the land of Israel, the Palestinians – hence whatever (ignoring of course that they are terrorists) want they should get (and who cares about Jews – they’re all rich scoundrels.) Israel is the only legitimate Democratic Government in sea of tyrannical savages (btw the Palestinians factually speaking never lived in Israel – they are Arabs (for example, Arafat was an Arab from Egypt – trained by the Nazis – part of the Muslim Brotherhood, and according to Ian Pacepa, the highest Soviet General to defect to the west – the entire idea that there is a Palestinian people (for two decades they were good ol’ plain Arab terrorists – was a Russian disinformation campaign which he personaly trained Arafat on – which you can read in his book “Disinformation.”
Blacks deserve trillions of dollars for payment as they were slaves. That’s like saying that a great grandson of someone who was in a Nazi concentration camp is owed money by Germany – get a job and stop being a perpetual victim.
Blacks may riot, burn cities, even murder. Being black doesn’t mean you can’t and shouldn’t be held responsible for your actions.
White people – especially Jews – are just thieves – so we deserve their money. Read what you wrote.
It’s o.k. to murder babies – or let them die, if you are not in the mood. Life is the highest value.
Last but not least of course we shouldn’t antagonize Iran (or any other terrorist) just give them what they want. As Churchill said “an appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile hoping it will eat him last” – “if you bend your head to terrorist they will chop it off” – Islam (at least radical which is traditional, which has 700,000,000 followers which is divided primarily into sunni and shia, so the sunni believe that killing any infidel (non – Muslim gets them 72 virgins in a Mohammed’s heavenly brothel and the Shites believes (which is why they feverishly desire nuclear weapons) “when the world will be filled with blood up to a horse’s knee, the messiah will come” – which is your preference – or after all, isn’t that what the U.S army is meant to PREVENT!

The Rebbe teaches God deals in three ways – the first is called Nisias Chein – this is like a parent who feeling a sweetness from their child, unconditionally gives – the second is Isarusah Dilatateh – this is like to Abraham that his Divine love elicited a recipricul – however the third is a combination of the two, that on one hand a person makes an effort – and standing now after literally 3,333 years of Jews keeping Torah and Mitzvos, goodness and kindness, so the result, like a person told to dig and the most extraordinary treasure is revealed – is the infinite