So isn’t it amazing that President Trump who worked based on common sense that you cannot trust terrorists… in fact I’m upset with him that he didn’t actually get rid of the nuclear program in Iran, which I know why he didn’t.. but that’s a separate issue… President Biden going back to the delusions of President Obama, if not the actual fact that he was a Muslim terrorists according to an Egyptian newspaper, he’s part of the Muslim Brotherhood, which is very active in America and around the world… their primary goal is to elect politicians to destroy the evil Western Empire from within – so President Obama wrote to Iran at the very beginning of his presidency – look this up – a letter saying that we will not attack you… in other words, giving them tacid approval to go make the bomb, then giving them a hundred fifty billion dollars, and giving them a pathway to actually conclude a bomb within 10 years – as Netanyahu said “all you have to do is keep the deal and you’ll get the bomb!!” and now Iran is snubbing their noses at America – America is groveling for Iran to do the right thing… as if this delusional leftist ideology, that the whole world is lovely except we are evil – when the reverse is the case – and if you bend your head to a terrorist, expect it to be chopped off

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