The rule of life is – this is quite a tough thing to say – but to deal with a cancer, you have to identify it – is firstly in the positive… the better we feel about ourselves the more we are concerned with how others feel about themselves – but conversely because there is jealousy…the worse we feel about ourselves,and this is the real reason for bullying, terrorism and the radical anti-Israel anti-America movements… is: the worse we want others to feel about themselves 🥲 and therefore, the mind reacts to this Desire by seeing whatever is evil in the other – and now this is quite fascinating… because everybody has some evil in them – so the great joke, that instead of looking at the best people in the best way- which healthy people do… that’s why Jews are respected perhaps the most in the world…. by healthy people… they actually become denigrated most, by unhealthy people… who simultaneously are bedfellows with terrorists