10 New Quotes – Baal Shem Tov

Ki Sisa

  1. The Baal Shem Tov has a beautiful example on the story that God showed Moses a half shekel made of fire and said, “This is what you should give (as a donation”  – the obvious question, why did He show him a coin made out of fire? –  Once there was a silversmith who wrote instructions for an apprentice on how to shape the silver, but he didn’t write to first heat up the coals…. (so the metal can melt – in other words, the most important part of the Mitzvah is the fire/passion.)
  2. The 11 Samimanim (incense spaces) 10 correspond to the ten positive energies that give life to the Kelipah – but there is one Livoina, which is an oir Makif (an encompassing light) so it is infinitely pure.
  3. One who serves God seeking honor, such a person their soul gets cut off.
  4. When we recall on Shabbos that after Shabbos our extra soul will depart, we increase (through the extra focus) our Shabbos Joy.
  5. We know Moshe Rabeinu was the most humble person – considering that all the Jewish souls came from his, how… – but this is the very reason – for when a Tzaddik has an inspirational drive, this causes all people to have an inspirational drive (and depending on how much..) now if G-d forbid the Tzaddik slips (even but in a thought) this can cause the wicked person to actually commit a sin – so instead of seeing the sins of some Jews as their problems, he would see it as his own.

Note 8 Because all Jews are included in the Tzaddik of the generation – when he sees something wrong in another, he must erase the sin within himself, and this will cause that will be erased in everyone.   

The Tzaddik should spread the great sweet light in his soul to his generation that they too will feel.

Moses Felt that maybe the sin of the generation was due to him (see above) therefore Hashem said it is due to them (see next.)

9.  Sometimes it can be a small sin of the head of the generation that causes the sins of the generation (for to the wicked, his minor thought becomes an action,) and sometimes it can be the reverse.

12 Moses and Aharon had self sacrifice for the Jewish people as the story of the golden calf.