Balayla Hahu Purim 5719 – Quotes

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When we reach the part of the Megila, Balaylah Hah-hu we
raise our voice – for at that moment God “awoke;” – Does God sleep? The answer is,
when we Jews fulfil not his will, He is as if He is sleeping, but when we awake,
He is aroused.

The idea of the sleep – just as when we sleep, our core (thought
/ mind – emotions etc.) are not conscious – during exile, the inner core of the
universe, the Jewish people (for whom the universe was made) this is not conscious(ness
of the world – even of Jews.)

In fact, the Jews are even the inner reason, of the Torah (which
was written for them.)

So whereby, the Jews succeeded in having a yearlong Mesirus
Nefesh (for if they had desired to escape the decree, they could have
converted) this awoke God (His core.)

Because the soul comes…

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