Baal Shem Tov – Megilas Ester

  1. “The King order Vashti to come unclothed” – Kelipah has no entity (like a bully…its merely a fake delusion – but in order to manifest its pathetic ego it must attach itself to some sort of goodness (claiming that it is righteous, hence superior…) but if one undresses the Kelipah (as mentioned…) it ceases.
  2. The Yetzer Hara cannot get man to sin (take him away from His Divine service) through telling him to sin (for the person would ignore) so the Yetzer Hara clothes himself in a Mitzvah (which is the wrong time/place.)

4.  There are Divine Goldly sparks (the essence of physicality) trapped (As it were.) And we must make extreme effort to save them (through using the physical for spiritual.)

5. It is known in all things, there are Divine sparks who desperately seek to return to their source – everything a person sees and hears is Divine Providence – one must elevate say a physical love to spiritual (for essentially the physical love is an offshoot of the original spiritual –  but in a crass form…) For example, once a person saw a war (by the gentiles) and he told this to a Tzaddik who elevated.

6. “Through this the maiden would come to the King” The Baal Shem Tov teaches “this” represents the Pillar (elevator) that takes one from the lower to the higher Gan-Eden – this is achieved through fulfilling the Mitzvos which are the 620 Pillars of Light.

7. “And these days of Purim shall not pass from the Jews…” Purim never ends, rather literally is reenacted in every generation.

8. Teaches the Baal Shem Tov, one who thinks that Purim “happened,” but is not happening… – that currently we are not witnessing the same miracle – of God’s continuous watchful salvation – has not fulfilled the Mitzvah.

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