There are only two absolute facts – the first is that there are no… and this is really one of the greatest discoveries of science, which is very counterintuitive… in fact Einstein famously told Heisenberg who discovered “the uncertainty principle…” namely that we cannot map out the direction of Atoms… – so the fundamental particles of reality do not behave according to logical rules… so Einstein said “God doesn’t play dice with the universe….” or “That’s not how God thinks…” because to Einstein, the quest of science was to understand as he said “The mind of God;” but Heisenberg famously replied, “Don’t tell God how to think…” So in other words, there are no absolute facts! for everything that exists, every natural law, just like as a computer programmer, I decide the experience of the user – every single one of the ways that all the objects interact – and though the user may have some perception of choice, even that choice is only something that I give him – and all the objects are 100% and essentially, even the user itself, based solely on my desire for him to have a certain experience – and so then the second absolute fact then becomes – You Have To Understand What Exactly Was The Intent

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