Baal Shem Tov on Parshas Terumah

Parshas Teruma

  1. The Baal Shem Tov says, that when it comes to giving charity, it doesn’t matter your intention, because the main thing is that the poor person receives it.

  2. Teaches the Holy Baal Shem Tov, from the very selfish animalistic passions that we have, we can see from that same amount of fervor… how much passion we must have in doing good!

  3. The Baal Shem Tov says in the name of Reb Saddiah Geon, that we should be passionate about the physical pleasures of this world, for then we can use that passion for the spiritual.
  4. Once there was a Prince who was a dullard, and the King hired the best wisemen to teach him, but he had no interest…. and in fact the last wise-man came complaining to the King that the Prince has fallen in love with a peasant – and the King said, “On the contrary, this is the solution!” He ordered that the peasant girl should be brought into the courtyard and the Prince was told, “if you would like her, you must learn a wisdom” – so because of his passion, he took one wisdom… and then they told him to learn another… until he reached the point, that he realized, that he is a Prince and for him a Princess is appropriate.
  5. All pleasure ultimately comes from the source of spiritual love, which is the love of God, and when one has a physical love, one should realize that this is only an offshoot of the much deeper spiritual love.

    And when sometimes a person can’t get themselves out of the physical love but the circumstances do not allow him to actualize it – he should realize, this is God Humbling Himself, in order to prevent him from actualizing this negative love.

Note 3. A wise person realizes that the desires for the physical, are only there because in order to desire the spiritual…

The Baal Shem Tov gives an example of a Prince who was a Doctor, and he went to a village to heal people… and then once he got a letter from his father the King… and he was very happy…. and he wished to celebrate… but he didn’t want the villagers to think him odd…. so he bought for these peasants alcohol…. and they all celebrated together… similarly, the wise person takes the power of celebration and uses it for God.

  • “And you Shall make beams of Keresh” (to uphold the Mishkan.) Keresh refers to man, our task, is, we are the connectors of heaven and earth.

Note 5. When we are thinking positive and connecting to God, we are connecting this universe to God – but God forbid if we are not, it is as if we are worshiping idols.

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