The Ten Ways Reality Functions

  1. We must understand that a. there is no such thing as objective reality

    Just like – and being a bit of a programmer I can tell you (though it is obvious…) everything on your computer is simply a program – a program once upon a time didn’t exist! – it is created! – as such there really is no such thing as reality-objectively.

    2. So to understand reality as the famous Kabbalistic teaching ,”The end is rooted in the beginning.”

    In other words, if you understand the grand plan, you understand the Genesis – the purpose why it was made!

    3. The Infinite Plan of the Being who is the Programmer of every detail of the plan (often called G-d) was for human beings – souls in bodies (in time-space dimension – in other words, thinking feeling, sensitive emotional things, living within both the perception of, and limitation of, a time space sturied universe aka you are on earth…) would begin to independently seek for a deeper meaning to their existence.

    4. And one fine day – in my journey I distinctly remember it… and based on research (as well as the teachings the Baal Shem Tov) this is the way G-d gets our attention… – an incredible understanding that There is a G-d! Who does love me! And His laws are really awesome! is born.

    5. As anyone on the journey can tell you – this G-dly honeymoon – lasts app. a year – and then this undeniable truth must be, as the Baal Shem Tov teaches (when the high from above is removed…) pursued through tenacious stubborn persistence.

6. And then the ultimate Divine intent, whereby His dripping infinite – continuous… – inspiration – And your very difficult – even clumsy – attempt at merging a spiritual and physical life… – for ultimately this is the intent…. – not to soar beyond, but to simply grow wings, as it says “When Moshiach comes, the Righteous will grow wings and skim the surface of the water” – allowing a new person – and eventually a new world (of new people…) whereby we can simultaneously get a lift, while we are also grounded.

7. Concurrent to this spiritual elevation, wisdom, inspiration and goals… – we also – in fact in direct proportion (according to the Rebbe…) scientifically, with exponential advances in technology.

8. The Rebbe says, as the physical reflects the spiritual – the incredible speed of the physical universe – planes… and in fact instant world communication… – is a reflection of in fact the increased ability to download spirit downloads.

9. Eventually we come to be like a Iphone (or Android depending on your taste) whereby we have both learned new physical, such as health, interpersonal, spiritual, but also the ability to download more.

10. And this lead to the complete and final Messianic destiny, whereby each and every individual, firstly feels a kinship to their fellow travelers… and if not more importantly we all – having integrated the sublime Divine pulsation of inspiration – become sources of Gifted Inspiration.

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