Once upon a time a Time – long before any human consciousness – You know what Consciousness means…? – It is somebody who thinks they exist, because their Consciousness is in a body- and they’re just aware of that… – Now that Consciousness in a body… – also because the body has emotions, it feels Pleasure and Pain, and Pride and Shame – has a great sense of either a superiority or inferiority or actually equality complex… – so when this Consciousness was designed by me… eons ago… – I realized that three things must occur… – the first is the initial illusion or shall we called delusion of existence itself! – so I placed this Consciousness in a physical Universe, where all it sees and senses, and is aware of, is the physical reality – the people, the plants, the animals, the objects… – and it begins to sense itself and its reality as real – the second thing is that this Consciousness also has an ego – it wishes to expand… to be known, to be loved, to dominate; and when it gets its way, feels so 😊 and of-course there is positive in motivation and drive… – but like fire, it is both a force of good and a force of great destruction – so I gave mankind the Torah/ Bible, regulations to limit man, and most importantly man is brought up in a home and the parents, themselves educated from their home, and their rabbis and teachers – limit the expansion of the ego, and then forever we / the Consciousness, dance between Expanding or Contracting, Growing, Knowing, and Giving

Every mind quite simply based usually on the heart’s emotions, usually towards love, whatever that is, or fear whatever it is from… has a basic tendency – the problem is in fear (not to mention addiction) in fear because it’s also producing anxiety, which is like a constant torture, there becomes jealousy, and jealousy is malicious

Only through learning Chassidus, and undestanding – one must understand this – the infinite,,, – so imagine a infinite universe… and all of that is literally not even a dot . compared to the infinite God – as such it cannot be that the purpose of creation – when the infinite creates us… inftismemely invisible beings (from the inherent perspective of infinity) for something that infinity needs!?! – rather it is an act of bestowal, as our sages teach, “it is the nature of a giver to give”