Once upon a time a Time – long before any human consciousness – You know what Consciousness means…? – It is somebody who thinks they exist, because their Consciousness is in a body- and they’re just aware of that… – Now that Consciousness in a body… – also because the body has emotions, it feels Pleasure and Pain, and Pride and Shame – has a great sense of either a superiority or inferiority or actually equality complex… – so when this Consciousness was designed by me… eons ago… – I realized that three things must occur… – the first is the initial illusion or shall we called delusion of existence itself! – so I placed this Consciousness in a physical Universe, where all it sees and senses, and is aware of, is the physical reality – the people, the plants, the animals, the objects… – and it begins to sense itself and its reality as real – the second thing is that this Consciousness also has an ego – it wishes to expand… to be known, to be loved, to dominate; and when it gets its way, feels so 😊 and of-course there is positive in motivation and drive… – but like fire, it is both a force of good and a force of great destruction – so I gave mankind the Torah/ Bible, regulations to limit man, and most importantly man is brought up in a home and the parents, themselves educated from their home, and their rabbis and teachers – limit the expansion of the ego, and then forever we / the Consciousness, dance between Expanding or Contracting, Growing, Knowing, and Giving

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