So they say the fool repeats history and basically were all fools – because historically… I shouldn’t say we’re all, there are many many people who are conservative – but basically as Chief Rabbi Olav Hashaloim Rabbi Sacks who read all the books… and there have been some sweeping historical accounts of pretty much of ALL of CIVILIZATION – and it’s very funny, if not tragic in a way what happens…. for a country manages mainly through what can be called a social-contract, which is really a religious ideology that unifies the people and has a moral code… and then as the structure of society / trade because of trust, begins…. eventually it creates as we found in Greece, a intellectual class – because to have the time to think, takes prosperity – and then those people become narcissistic, and the narcissist desires to fulfill their desires – and because we all have various perverted desires, as what happened in Greece, and currently in America, and rationalized, whitewashed by the intellectuals themselves… – the perversion and the selfishness, creates the implosion of the social contract

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