The 10 things us earthlings must know

1. Each and every one of us is a composite.

2. Obviously we have a body which houses a spirit.

3. This spirit (and on a deeper level, body) is a part of God.

4. Therefore, exactly like God it is first and foremost compassionate- it is also humble (therefore senstive.)

5. As God is the ultimate giver, He desired that we should be able to be proud of our achievements- to do this, he placed the soul within an animal.

6. So just like an animal, our body has four instincts- generally for pleasure and not for pain – specifically there is also the desire for pride and not shame there is also a pleasure in laziness moping and a capacity to both be angry at oneself and others.

7. Anger is to the soul what poison is to the body – it causes us to seek vengeance (just as love seeks unity – anger seeks dissolution.)

8. The way to overcome anger is to have faith.

9. Faith means, that this part of God was placed in a body, to face challenges.

10. The meaning in life is when we face, deal with, grow.


So they say the fool repeats history and basically were all fools – because historically… I shouldn’t say we’re all, there are many many people who are conservative – but basically as Chief Rabbi Olav Hashaloim Rabbi Sacks who read all the books… and there have been some sweeping historical accounts of pretty much of ALL of CIVILIZATION – and it’s very funny, if not tragic in a way what happens…. for a country manages mainly through what can be called a social-contract, which is really a religious ideology that unifies the people and has a moral code… and then as the structure of society / trade because of trust, begins…. eventually it creates as we found in Greece, a intellectual class – because to have the time to think, takes prosperity – and then those people become narcissistic, and the narcissist desires to fulfill their desires – and because we all have various perverted desires, as what happened in Greece, and currently in America, and rationalized, whitewashed by the intellectuals themselves… – the perversion and the selfishness, creates the implosion of the social contract


Because we all come from 1 – there is an intrinsic need – it’s in fact and intrinsic sense of… Oneness – and therefore, listen to this carefully… this is the deepest psychology, the deepest truth… and that which can save you… and that is, if you love others… you feel that Oneness – now remember, because there is also jealousy in the world – we don’t only have the force of loving – we also have another force and that is when our ego is “great…” – in other words, we think we’re better than others… – what happens is we cannot handle when somebody less than us has more than us… – and therefore what happens is when we feel entitled, we feel it is not fair that someone else should have what we lack – and when we unfortunately integrate the false belief from a bully that we are unlovable… – this is really the only reason for bullying… for anti-semitism… it is the subconscious jealousy of self-esteem of someone’s sense that they are lovable… which is why in both these cases, the primary, if you wish to call it, “weapon of emotional destruction,” is shaming