Never forget, the coolest people are the cruelest – and if I had to bring an example, Obama has in Syria 500,000 people dead on his hands – I don’t know the refugee number but maybe 50 million!, let’s not talk about the continued Civil War in Libya, Egypt… nevermind the empowerment of the worst terrorist organization ISIS, and Trump may not look cool, but in the end of the day he stopped ISIS, he didn’t start wars

Okay I never really considered myself smart… but I came to realize that we all in a sense are geniuses – it’s just that… do we have the emotional Tranquility to think… – so thank God as I do have that… one thing that I always come back to – and I’ve been thinking perhaps for decades : )- is that all of life we can call it creates two parallel realities – the first is our interaction with the physical, including the emotional world… people, including our own emotions – and the the second, is the Divine choices

I dont know about you – but the fact that Facebook watches everything I do – which is a complete violation of privacy – is disgusting (and the same may be with google_ I highly recommend you use duckduckgo