The five fields of reality – imagine a computer – where exactly does your computer exist? – there are five dimensions – the dimension that is easiest to understand is what you see – a physical keyboard and screen – now that physical thing contains a spiritual thing, called software – it is a bit of information – but what is very important to understand, it is a SPECIFIC BIT of information – (there can be infinite different programs etc. – as possibly, with time shall occur ) but behind both the software and the physical computer, is a mind – intelligence – that actually both had the infinite ability to create the physical and spiritual / info. – and behind that lies a desire – so if you wish to understand reality, the most important thing to understand, is the fundamental desire! – which as Jewish mysticism teaches us, – that after traversing through the drudgery of materialistic stupidity, seeking truth… a new love for truth is born! – and truth, when it reveals itself to us… – because fundamentally (as in our example, is infinitely beyond our physical and spiritual selves…) like the infinite programs that shall be developed

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