Each and every one of us has a Divine soul which we are often unaware of – a mind which we hopefully are aware of – emotions which we may or may not be aware of – and to the extent that our emotions are powerful, they direct or even overwhelm our mind – and the uniqueness of a human is both that we can control our emotions, and change them based on perceiving what is good or bad – and finally we all have a ego – which is a self-love, which is the reason we even wish to fulfill our emotions or the emotions of whom we love, and likewise, if we God forbid fear / hate someone, the desire to either be away from them or destroy them – and unfortunately because jealousy… the idea that “it’s not fair!…” that somebody has something that I want.. : ( creates a subconscious hate, this gives rise to malicious rationalization such as Hitler, Arabs against Jews, and many of the so-called communist doctrines, which are anti-wealthy or really based on jealousy – we see Obama living in a very Posh lifestyle… – as did the Communist leaders… so they are not FOR the oppressed, they are AGAINST, and they Oppress, the people they are jealous of

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