Ultimately there are only three possibilities in life – we are doing things because they will bring us a pleasure, whether spiritual or physical or emotional II is we’re doing things to prevent a pain, this is fear, again that may be fear of separation from God – separation from loved ones… this is why many times people acquiesce to their group, as-well as of-course common-sense to not do things that can cause one physical pain and – ultimately because we also have an ego, there is the pleasure of “greatness” and there is the both fear of Shame, and when we feel that shame was unjustifiable – there is anger – or even if we feel somebody has a position that is greater than us… if we are egotistical… because we feel they are encroaching on our “territory” – we become malicious, which is the reason for bullying, and anti-Semitism, and anti-west – but finally, most importantly, beyond the pleasure-pain, desire-fear Paradigm- is, We Can Do Things Because we are convinced that this is right!