The Complete Solution – understanding Every Part of Our Self – And Each Parts, Needs

The Complete Solution – understanding Every Part of Our Self – And Each Parts, Needs

SoulThe Soul Is A Spirit – It Is Like A Flame – Because It Intrinsically Lives – It Has No Need… – (Like When You Are Full, You Are Not Hungry… – It’s Sole Desire Is To Return – It Is Like A Prince (child) Banished From Its Palace (home)  

What Makes The Soul Happy Is When You Draw Upon It Divinity – This You Do, By Connecting To God Or Drawing Down Upon You, God (Even More Profound.)

You Connect To God Through Love – Prayer – Contemplation.  

You Draw God Down To You, Through Fulfilling His Will: 613 Commandments for Jewish People see God’s Ethics  

7 Noahide Laws for Gentiles, see God’s Guide
MindThe Mind Is Uniquely Human (No Animal Has Independent Thinking)
It Is Actually In Our Prefrontal Lobe (No Animal Has That)  

It Is The Source Of Objectivity  

On One Hand It Tells Us Logical Consequence   Which Is Why It Is Hated By Our Heart/Emotions/Instincts  

The Mind Needs – Like Your Computer – A Stable Environment (Your CPU That Does Billions Of Calculations Has A Fan Cooling It…)  

If You Are Too Emotional, Be it Prideful, Lustful, Angry, Fearful – The Mind Gets “Overheated”  

The Way To Lower Emotions – Which Are Fundamentally Driven By Ego – Is To Humiliate Yourself – “I am such a lowlife, rotten, stupid etc.” (after self-humiliation, you need to uplift yourself – “but My Divine SOUL!, Is Infinite Goodness!!”)
Heart/Emotions/InstinctsYour Animal Soul – Instinctive Desires (like an animal) are comprised of four:

Fire: The Desire For Recognition or Supremacy and its corollary, anger and hate  

Water: The desire for pleasure and its corollary hating pain and suffering  

Air: The desire for fun (frivolous stupidity – chatting – watching YouTube etc.) and the hate of being bored  

Earth: The Desire for laziness (and the tendency to sadness) and the hate of effort, and not getting your way  

The Animal Soul – As We Are After-All From G-d Essentially – Also Has Strong Feelings Of Compassion – Feeling Sorry For Those Suffering  

Ultimately fear hijacks the mind   The antidote to fear is faith =   There are five mechanisms to get faith  

Believe that God is good, so everything that happens to you, whether you can or can’t see how, is good!

Every morning thank-God, for all the good in your life – for the first thought of the day becomes the daily train of thought!

Forgive people – holding onto anger subconsciously pushes your life into the realm of vengeance (what psychologists say, is our strongest motivator – even sacrificing oneself, just to hurt another ) :

Every night ask yourself “what goodness and kindness today have I done, and how do I wish to be better tomorrow?” (only when you align your behavior to your belief, can you be happy.)

Study Torah (you can go to my website kabbalahwisdom.org, Chabad.org – it puts you in touch with Divine energy.)

Also you must learn to respect – each person has a soul which is intrinsically just like you (it is only our fear and anger that messes us up – the proof is how lovingly delightful children are – and if you can’t see that, it’s because you are filled with fear and anger.)  
Executive FunctioningThis is a critical component   For it is the interaction between the mind and the emotions  

As mentioned, the mind can control the emotions (if the emotions are not out of control – earlier we said how to get emotions under control…)  

On a day-to-day basis – to be a permanent success you need:   To have a list

In case you can’t get the thing done – you need to tell yourself or even shout at yourself! (For just as you may listen to someone who is shouting at you – if “you shout at you…” it also works.)  This is like training a dog – if you do nothing the dog will take control – if you show the dog who is boss, it will accept your authority.

A third mechanism is to either reward or punish yourself – so every night make a list of all the things you didn’t do, and for each, say donate (for you) a sum of money to charity – enough to encourage you – for subconsciously we go toward pleasure and away from “pain”…
Ego / LiverEgo is both our self-esteem (perception of self) as well as our perception of how esteemed (or G-d forbid the opposite… shamed) we are.   It is necessary to have a good self-esteem – to know that your value is as good as everyones’.

It is not necessary to have recognition and certainly deleterious (very bad) to feel superior (as this causes us to become radical and intolerant as now like a two year old we expect – hence can’t handle – not getting our way.)
General – Purpose – PoliticsPurpose   Ultimately we are all purposeful   Each person, black or white, Jew or Gentile, male or female has both a general and unique role (we mentioned the general, above in Soul.)   But we all also must embrace what we are here to do – for example, it took me a very long time to realize I have a gift in transmitting lofty (mystical) ideas, into simple English (now this is my main focus – notwithstanding I also must be a good husband, father, brother, child, community member, and see the unique opportunities to do goodness and kindness that G-d presents to me.)   Politics   Politics has taken what should be unifying people into disunity and hate – TURN OFF THE MEDIA (studies show it causes anxiety!)
HealthWhat my years of researching the research – given to me by scientists and Doctors – so by no means am I the expert and certainly more can be added but this is the very foundation  

Get – if you can – 8 hours of sleep (over 700 health benefits)Drink 8 glasses of water or liquid a day (renal failure may be the reason for heart – which is the number one killer)

Eat fibrous food (fruits and vegetables! – the reason the diet most proven to work – “Mediterranean” actually does, – fiber traps cholesterol which is the #1 cause of artery plaque, hence the cause of both the 2 greatest sources of death, heart attack, and stroke.)

Additionally a mainly plant based diet strengthens the auto-immune system

There is nothing stronger in you, to fight disease then your immune system, as such:

a. Be happy (depression weakens your immunity
b. Exercise (it makes you happier)
c. Spend quality time with people (very happy inducing)
d. If you are Jewish (or however…) pray the daily prayers – this is like a meditation (but stronger – the mind needs periods of calm)
e. If you can, get into nature    
RelationshipsAs studies show marriage is the greatest source of happiness   The reason so many marriages are failing is because we don’t realize for two people to get along, they must willingly give in 50%

In order for us to wake up to reality, we have to know what it in reality always has been – the secret war between the force of jealousy, jealousy creates hate, hate is a desire to annihilate the person or thing you hate – and the force of love – and when the force of love to beat, like light, more than Darkness – or more accurately, because ultimately there’s only one God that made both forces, and He cannot expect us to somehow miraculously beat the sadism found in jealousy – but He can expect each each and every one of us to realize that this war is within our own self


You know it says in Kabbalah, that in the six hundredth year of the six Millennia which corresponds to 1840, God will open the floodgates of wisdom of above and below and they will converge in the anticipation of the Messianic Redemption, and the Rebbe explains – of-course, the wisdom of below is science, and one of the great benefits and its Convergence with spirituality – is its ability to give us paradigms, to see realities that were hitherto impossible to imagine – and I just got a new phone and I went onto YouTube which I probably shouldn’t do…but be that as it may, I wanted to see some news on Israel, once again probably I should stay away from the media… but be that as it may, looking at YouTube from a phone, what happens is, it starts to literally propagate more videos as you scroll down… now this is amazing, because we’re speaking about A Reality Which Propagates Itself