If we look at the actual facts – so ignoring all theories – the facts which speak for themselves, is – a. we are in a “simulated” reality b. which means there is an infinite Simulator c. Who obviously loves (for the programmer doesn’t fear his program – which he could do anything to – rather creates from love!) d. As He loves, this causes Him to seek to give e. As the greatest gifts are 1. Self achievement, He created two opposing realms – the realm of narcissistic selfishness (entitlement – “I deserve, therefore I must…”) versus the realm of altruistic compassion (“how can I be of benefit…”) and hence f. When we overcome our innate selfishness, and activate our innate selfless compassion, then we feel of ourselves proud – and as He is infinite, there are actually infinite pleasures – such as continuous spiritual Discovery, Love, Scientific (hence creature comfort..) Advancements and g. Because we need hope, He has foretold – and because He is Honest it is likewise true! – that in the near future, Moshiach – when the mask of the other side is removed – and but the side of true light and feeling proud of our advancements, Giving and Growth, forever

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